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Date: 4th July 2016
EVA Foam
EVA Foam?HDM072?EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate),Website:, is environment-friendly polymer foaming material. Its physical characteristics as follow:1.Waterproof: airtight pore structure, water-nonabsorbent.damp resistance, hydrolytic resistance.2.Antiseptic: resistance to seawater, oil, acid, alkali as well as other chemicals, plus antibiosis, nontoxic, no smell, non-pollution.3.Workability: easy for hot-press, cutting, gluing, coating as well as other treatings4.Shockproof: good rebounding and tensile strength, strong tenacity, plus excellent quake resistance/buffering performance?5.Heat preservation: heat insulation, winter protection , low-temperature performance as well as solarization resistance6.Sound insulation: airtight pore structure, effective sound insulationIts colors, hardnesses, relevant thicknesses and dimensions are customizedThere are low-expanded foam 6-folded to 10-folded, high-expanded 15-folded to 40-foldedApplication:Automobile, airconditioning, refrigerator, home application, refrigeration project, plus skating boots, lining and insole for sport shoes, back cushion for bag and case, surfboard, hassock.
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